Driving License with Hologram + UV light visible security image - 2023


Our latest UK driving license for 2023 is here! This is by far the most advanced and superior card we have designed to date, printed in high definition detailing the super small micro-text which looks super sharp.

The driving licence has amazing features including an ultra violet image printed on the front and the back which can only be seen under a UV light. Your photo is printed onto the card in either colour or black and white. You can select this option when ordering.

Please take a look at the images above, we are unable to adjust the template.

See below for the extra features available:

  • UV light sensitive image- The front UV image consists of an amazing world globe image.
  • Fake ID is scannable
  • Our HD printer ensures the microtext looks sharp.
  • High Secure Orbit Design Hologram- On the front and back of the card you will see a hologram of the world and the orbit surrounding it with flags from all different countries. The hologram changes shape and colours with the light.
  • Custom Country Code - Your unique country code is printed onto the top left hand corner of the card. For example UK for United Kingdom or IRE for Ireland.
  • We aim to dispatch orders the next working day. UK orders should arrive within 2 days.

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Front of Driving Card

The front of the card consists of a pink and blue background containing driving licence micro text. We print your photo to the left of the card, plus signature and details you provided when placing the order onto the front. Number 5 on the card contains an autogenerated number by our system. In the top left is the flag you have chosen when creating your order. Once printed a hologram overlay is laminated over the top to protect the card from damage.

Back of Driving Card

The back also has a pink and blue background with an random number in the bottom right hand corner. There are fictitious driving categories with icons of different motor vehicle on the left with a date of issue and date of expiry.


  • CR-80 Polycarbonate 30 mil card
  • Printed using a re-transfer printer (not direct to card) - higher quality
  • Separate overlay panel containing ultra voilet ink
  • Secure genuine orbit holographic overlay film
Driving License with Hologram
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