Fake ID Frequently Asked Questions

How do I order my Novelty ID card?

It’s easy you just fill in the online form by following our easy step by step instructions, your details are saved to our database, you will then need to print this form off and sign it, if you do not have a printer please do not worry, we will have all your details so if you can just sign a blank piece of white paper with your name, order number, and photo we can process the order from that. We accept cash and BITCOINS for payment.

Where shall I send my order?

Please send to -

PO Box 2583



What photo shall I send?

You can send us any photo you like but for the best results please send us a passport photo with a white background. Any other picture i.e. holiday snap or scanned picture may not provide us with the best quality to produce your card. Ensure your photo is not folded in the envelope, as this will affect the finished card.

How long will it take to receive my Novelty ID card?

Please give us 7-10 days from the day you post your item for delivery. As soon as we receive your order one of our highly trained staff at myFakeID will immediately start processing your order using our state of the art machinery.

Can I pay for my Novelty ID by cheque or credit card?

No due to high numbers of bounced cheques and bank charges we do not accept cheques.

What happens to my Personal Information?

We store your details on our server for 6 months at which point we securely dispose of them, we will not release or sell your details to any third party. We have to abide by the law and will cooperate with a police investigation if requested to do so.

Can I order a fake ID even if I live abroad?

Yes we sell and deliver to countries all over the world apart from the USA and it’s dependencies, military stations, colonies, outlying island or territory claimed by the USA. These are Iraq, North Korea, Iran, Mexico, Nigeria and Libya

How do I pay for my ID card if I live abroad?

Please check on our website to see if we accept your currency, if we don’t have it listed on our site please contact one of our team and we will advise you on how much to send us in your currency depending on the exchange rate.

Can I order more than one card at a time?

Yes you can put more than one order form in the envelope, please make sure you put the correct amount of money in for the amount of cards you are purchasing.

How do I know you will send me my card after you have received my cash?

There are some sites out there that will take your cash and not send you your product, we pride ourselves in our honesty and professionalism and guarantee we will supply you with your goods, you can contact us with any concerns you may have if you wish to.

There is an Error on my Card?

The cards are printed using details supplied by you to our database, this will also include any errors you have made, PLEASE ENSURE ALL DETAILS ARE CORRECT WHEN ORDERING.

We will not be held responsible for spelling mistakes, and will not amend spelling details on behalf of a customer. If you notice a mistake after sending your order, please contact us by email as soon as possible with the correct details to amend.

Can I use my “Fake ID” to purchase alcohol?

We are a Novelty ID producer, our products are to be used for fun purposes only, not for the purpose of proving your age, driving or any other proof of entitlement.

Using your card to purchase cigarettes or alcohol is illegal and we do not condone any misuse of our products, only official government documents such as passports and driving licences should be used to purchase alcohol or cigarettes.

Are Novelty ID cards legal?

Our cards are 100% legal as long as they are used for the purpose they are intended, these are for fun and practical jokes. If you were to use your card to buy alcohol etc, this would be illegal, if we suspect misuse of our ID cards for this purpose then we reserve the right to refuse to sell you your ID card.

Do your Novelty ID cards have holograms?

Yes you can order your Novelty ID card with a hologram, please go to the homepage to have a look at all of our Novelty ID cards.

How do I protect my cash from being stolen?

We suggest you tape the corners of your money to the order form to prevent it from slipping around the envelope. Seal your envelope and send by Royal Mail recorded or special delivery, this will give you insurance for you item and stop it going through the normal postal sorting office, if you do not follow our advise unfortunately we are not responsible for any cash that may be stolen.

We cannot be held responsible for cash or orders that are lost or stolen in the post, the safest way to send your order is via Royal Mail Recorded or Special Delivery, Recorded is approximately £2.35 and Special Delivery is approximately £6.85. Cash sent through the post should be sent inside a folded piece of paper in a well sealed envelope, DO NOT SEND COINS.