We now accept payment by Bitcoin aswell as cash.

2 minutes to open a free Bitcoin wallet.

Please be aware some exchanges are charging high fees. You should only be paying around 1 pound/euro/dollar to send usa 40. We do not cover the fees.

Link below to fund your Bitcoin wallet in minutes at thousands of locations across the UK.

Our Bitcoin wallet address is bc1ql8eytmvxzdr3e7r0hzk9n6q2x0242wujqwm3s2

Once you have made the payment please email us your order reference and wallet address you made the payment from so we can pair it up.

How to pay by Bitcoin:

Open a free Bitcoin wallet at Coinbase.

Once your Bitcoin wallet is funded email us at [email protected]. You will receive an email back with our Bitcoin account number, order form link, and more helpful instructions to complete your order.

What is Bitcoin?

Bitcoin, a digital currency, was first introduced in 2009 under the pseudonym Satoshi Nakamoto. This currency is remarkable in that it is not regulated by any one person, corporation, or government organization. The building blocks of Bitcoin, essentially the internships of the Trans-Pacific Partnership’s momentum, are nodes. These nodes connect to create a digital cryptocurrency that relies on network efficiency, and they work together under such a system through the means of agreement and mutual consent, checked and tested by the almighty power of cryptography.

Watch the videos below to give you an idea of how to buy from them.