Fake National ID card


The national identity card is one of our best selling fake id cards, im sure you can see why. Our national identity card is the best you will find. Our novelty national identity card has been designed to look as real as possible. You signature will be printed on the front of your national identity card to the right of your photograph. The microtext background read "national identification card". For an extra £5 you can add a hologram finish which we highly recommend to give your card that class finish. You can use this card for fun buy playing tricks on your friends, pretend your 18 again. Please be aware, the national identity card is just a novelty card, therefore carries no official status.

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Front of Driving Card

The front of the card is ombre pink, showing swirl white text – National identification on the backround. On the right side of the card is the flag of Europe which has 12 yellow/gold stars set against a blue background. The letters represent the country code which would have been selected by the customer. We print the customers photo that has been selected to the left of the card and then shows 1. The surname, 2. The forname, 3. Date of birth, 4a and 4b are the issue and expiry dates. 5. Is a fabricated identification number and then 6. Is the customer’s signature. Once printed a hologram overlay is laminated over the top to protect the card from damage.

Back of Driving Card

The back of the card is also ombre pink with the same swirl white text – National identification on the backround. The bottom of the card is a white block showing a random bar code and number.

Irish Drivers Permit
Fake National ID card