European Driving Permit with Hologram + UV light visible security image option


European Driving Permit is our newest and by far our best selling novelty ID card. The EDP has some great features and like all of our cards printed on our high spec 600dp HD card printer allowing you to read the tiny micro-text. The EDP comes with a FREE hologram. See below for the extra features available:

  • UV light sensitive image (select below) - Printed on both the front and back of your card using a fluorescent dye which is only visible under a UV light.
  • High Secure Orbit Design Hologram - On the front and back of the card you will see a hologram of the world and the orbit surrounding it with flags from all different countries. The hologram changes shape and colours with the light.
  • Gold foil security ink - unique gold ink that appears different shades of gold when viewed at different angles in the light.

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Front of Driving Card

The front of the card consists of a pink background containing driving licence micro text. We print your photo to the left of the card, with the expiry date underneath. We print a signature and details you provided when placing the order onto the front. Number 5 on the card contains an autogenerated number by our system. In the top left is the flag of Europe which has 12 yellow/gold stars set against a blue background. The letters represent the country code which would have been selected by the customer. Once printed a hologram overlay is laminated over the top to protect the card from damage.

Back of Driving Card

The back also has a pink background with a random number in the bottom right hand corner. There are fictitious driving categories with icons of different motor vehicles on the left with a date of issue and date of expiry.