A massive problem that faces us is there are scam fake id websites out there, and we tend to all get tarred with the same brush.  They setup fake websites to steal peoples money and give us all a bad name.  This is not US.  We can make Fake ID and we send out Fake ID.  Below is a photograph of some of our orders going out today with today's newspaper.  Obviously we dont want to show the ID's to protect our customers privacy and we have had to reduce the resolution of the image so you cannot read their address.  Yes, some will say they are just empty envelopes, but would we really stamp up, print address labels if we were just scammers, seems a lot of hassle just to scam someone! WE SELL FAKE ID AND SEND OUT FAKE ID, GUARANTEED.

proof we send fake id

How to avoid scam sites

Scam websites have been around for as long as the internet, but the way they work has evolved with time. Back in the day, the early 2000’s there was no Instagram, Tiktok or darkweb, some sites used to place adverts in the back of Viz magazine. These adverts would have a web address on them to visit their website to buy fake id. Now with the creations of social media platforms and cryptocurrencies it’s a lot easier for these scam sites to hide their identity. Its easier for the scammer to not send you your product than to produce it, as there will always be more people like yourself who they can steal money from.

What to look out for

Check the websites or social media accounts images – These will often be stolen images if the account is a scammer. You can find the original image by reverse image search on google. If you find the images are stolen what does that tell you? The person cant produce the ID cards otherwise they would have an took photos of their own. Don’t buy from these people.

Check payment methods – cryptocurrencies are a great new payment tool but scammers have embraced it because they can get paid and leave no trace. Plus you have absolutely no chance in getting your money back if you pay with this method. We accept cryptocurrencies but we also accept bank transfer and payment via post, we wouldn’t be able to accept these other payment methods if we were scamming people.

About review websites

Review websites like Trustpilot our designed to allow users and customer to write reviews on other websites about their experiences. Unfortunately this is not always what happens. More often than not competitor website place fake reviews about a competitors website. This has happened to us. So we contact the review website alerting them to this fraudulent review with evidence thinking they will remove it, how wrong we were. They will consider removing fake reviews but only if we sign up as a business customer at the cost of 5 k per year! So as you can see the real scammers are not the websites being commented on, it’s the review websites themselves.