Fake ID News


Queen Elizabeth University Hospital infiltrated by fake nurse - 23/11/2023

A court date has been set for a man accused of repeatedly impersonating a nurse at Scotland’s largest hospital. Lee Woods, 28, was arrested and charged on 18 July this year at Queen Elizabeth University Hospital (QEUH) in Govan, and will stand trial on 31 January 2024.

Woods, of Greenock in Inverclyde, claims to be a “charge nurse” who works there when speaking with hospital workers, according to his charge. It is alleged that last March he entered the facility four times while not permitted, wears an NHS uniform, including a lanyard to hold pens, and carries a fake name badge. The hospital is divided into sections for adults and for children, as well as two large emergency departments, meaning that he has been able to get into each area.

“When on the grounds of said hospital, on various occasions between March 2023 and 18 July 2023, you did wear an NHS uniform complete with lanyard and wearing an NHS ID card with false details, all with the intent to make others believe you were a charge nurse at said hospital contrary to the Criminal Law Consolidation (Scotland) Act 1995.”

Sources at QEUH have reported seeing a man “flashing passes” in the resuscitation and paediatric areas.

Air passenger attempting to board a flight using a fake id sent to jail.

A 19 year old male, has been jailed for 4 months after trying to use a fake ID card to board a plane to Italy.

Lwizou Ibrahim Ali Khamis Ahmed from Egypt, was detained at Malta International Airport prior to boarding a flight for Italy.

A Principal immigration officer had suspected that he had used a passport that had been altered and had completed a false declaration.

It was alleged that the fake ID card had been sought from Turkey through an online seller.

During the court case, a request for a private discussion with the magistrate and prosecutor was granted by the court, the defense counsel and legal procurator were allowed to approach the bench.

Minutes later, when the attorneys returned to their positions, the defendant entered a plea of guilty to the charges, and the court later asked him to affirm his admission of guilt.

A four-month prison sentence was handed down by the court.

Three Bulgarian nationals arrested in the UK for working with Russian security services

The MET police have arrested 3 Bulgarian national who live in the UK with possessing fake identity documents. The three were remanded in custody after appearing in London’s Central criminal court. The suspected criminals had 34 bits of fake identification. Passports and identity documents from the UK, Spain, France and other countries were found. They were arrested under the Official Secrets Act 1911 wihch makes spying a criminal offence. Counter terrorism detectives are continuing their investigations.

An attorney for a downtown Fargo bar is questioning the effectiveness of techniques to detect fake IDs.

Question the customer

If a customer knows their birthday, then when asked they should be able to recall their zip code, date of birth without hesitation to the bar staff.

Catch a Fake ID

To catch a fake id, you can purchase an ID scanner, to help prevent a fake ID card getting through. Although the owners of bars Iloug’s Rooster bar and Windbreak have doubts if these ID Scanners do identify all the cards that are fake as Windbreak, has been known to seize many fake ID cards.

ID Checking guide

One bar, Rooter’s, use the ID checking guide book which has a new edition published yearly. The guide displays each ID for the Canadian province US States so you can identify what to look for.

Bernier from Fargo police department explained that establishments that obey the laws by doing their upmost to check the scrutiny of ID’s are not the ones the police would go after. However we would need to document when a specific situation is raised to our attention.

Man jailed for fraudulently claiming £349k in benefits - 02/11/2023

Married man who used a letter addressed to him from the UK Border Agency to create a false identity and claim £349,000 in benefits has been jailed for fraud.

In a statement, the Crown Prosecution Service said that a letter addressed to Hussein Ali Nagrafi was received in 2010, suggesting the name of a possible victim.

It was stated that Mr Nagrafi went to claim benefits and used two addresses to do it. One address was in Manchester and one in London and he used a pseudonym name to claim from the two addresses. The prosecutors have stated that he falsely claimed employment support allowance, disability living allowance, personal independence payment, and housing and council tax benefits, all while stating that he had extensive physical disabilities. The claims was disproved by surveillance investigations.

Hussain was also said to have failed to disclose an income on top of his benefits – and again, on occasions, gave the same telephone numbers for both sets of claims.

Both homes were searched which revealed identity documents in the name of Hussein Ali Nagrafi. In addition to that, 26 banking accounts were also discovered in his two different names.

Photographs that were presented by prosecutors as part of the documents which he had submitted "showed" that the two people were who the same. When he got to court, Mr Najafi pleaded guilty to 21 counts, including fraud, possession of false identity documents and furnishing documents to facilitate fraud.

At an interview with Mr Khan, the senior crown prosecutor, after the sentencing had been given, He made it clear that the defendant had abused the system, set up to support people in genuine need.