Two Ways on How to Make Fake ID

So you want to make your own fake id? Im not sure what your doing on this site then as we sell them! However we will give you a few pointers even though, lets be honest there probably gonna look abit crap. We havent spent thousands on ID card printers for no reason.

how to make fake id
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There are two different options on How to Make Fake ID, the first option is fake ID cards that can be produced in your own home, the other option is by purchasing a fake ID from an internet website. In this article we will be explaining theses two options on how to make a fake dentity card with the best quality and finish.

Make Fake ID at home

Firstly let’s talk about How to make fake ID cards in your own home. There are kits available on the internet or your local market. The kit will normally contain some form of plastic card with a place to put your passport photo, you will then have a see through sticky material that is to be put over the top to hold it in place and give your fake ID a shiny look, some of these kits also come with hologram overlays. The quality of these homemade cards is normally pretty poor and not recommended if you want something realistic. If you want to try and make something abit more realistic then you will first need to buy an ID card printer. Below are some useful links regarding current printers available. wikihow have a very good guide with pictures.

List of ID making equipment you will need

  • PVC cards
  • ID card printer
  • Laminator
  • Hologram overlay
  • Ribbons for printer
  • Software to design card

Once you have purchased your printer you then need to get a professional template designed. If your decent with photoshop you can try yourself but believe us, its very difficult! If you can't do it yourself you will need to employ a professional designer to complete this task for you, costing upto 500 UK pounds.

Buy Fake ID online

The other option is to purchase your ID card from reputable internet websites; here we are going to explain how to make your novelty ID card the professional way. Well firstly you will need someone to design all of your fake ID card templates, this takes a lot of work as they need to fit perfectly on to your PVC cards. Yes we use the credit card type of plastic; it’s the best on the market doesn’t crack or break easily. So now we have our cards and our templates we need something to print the info on to them. This is where our top of the range HD UV printer comes in to good use. Not only does it give a great finish and prints on the front and back of the PVC card but it also prints our holograms on to the cards so no bubbles etc. The signature and photo is also scanned and printed on to the card with the very expensive HD card printer so the finish will be brilliant.

Given the two options of how to make Fake ID cards is definitely in the favour of ordering from an professional internet company, it means you won’t have to shell out thousands of pounds or end up with a really poor quality fake ID if trying to make it at home. Our fake ID cards start at just £20. So there you have it we have answered your question on how to make fake ID.