Fake Student Card


The fake student card is one of our best selling fake ID cards, im sure you can see why. Our fake student card is the best you will find on the internet. Our novelty fake student card has been designed to look as real as possible. Your photo will be printed on the front of the card. Why not add a hologram finish to give your novelty student card the best possible look. These cards can be great fun, why not get your granny one for her birthday, that would make everyone chuckle. This card is for novelty purposes only and bears no official status.

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Front of Driving Card

The front of the card has blue/green tones containing white text words – hostels – discounts- books- sports – theatres – movies – festivals – cultural within the background. The template has a ISC is within a round logo and a fabricated student card number to the bottom right of the card. We print your photo to the right of the card. Your choice of named university is printed on the left of the card along with your name and date of birth and issue date. This is validity month and year of 4 years. Once printed a hologram overlay is laminated over the top to protect the card from damage.

Back of Driving Card

The back of the card is also blue/green toned with the repeated white text words that are on the front. There is a printed random barcode and a reference number.


Irish Drivers Permit
Fake Student card
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