European Driving Permit

European Driving Permit with Hologram + UV light visible security image option

FREE UV KEYRING when ordering this card with UV. UV Pen The European Driving Permit is the latest card to be added to our range and it is jam packed with the latest features. Our EDP is printed using a top-of-the-range HD printer, which allows you to view the micro-text background. To give the EDP the edge we have added some extra features:

  • UV light sensitive image (select below) - Printed on both the front and back of your card using a fluorescent dye which is only visible under a UV light.
  • High Secure Orbit Design Hologram - On the front and back of the card you will see a hologram of the world and the orbit surrounding it with flags from all different countries. The hologram changes shape and colours with the light.
Card cost :£25
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With UV light visible security image? (+£5)

All our cards are printed using the latest high definition printers ensuring the quality is first class. Printing at 300 dpi gives a high definition finish we are sure you will be extremely pleased with.