How to spot a scam fake id website

How to spot a scam fake id website

Novelty id cards are legal and are made by designers for individual websites, these fake id cards do not replicate the original card they just look similar. Trying to use these cards for anything other than to fool your mates and have a laugh is illegal so don't do it. So how do you know that these novelty id card websites aren't going to take your hard earned cash and not send you your product? The simple answer to this question is you don't know but we can let you know what to look out for in a good and bad novelty id card website.

Avoid ordering fake id cards from Canada and the USA as they are very strict on fake id cards, anyone trying to sell them from there would be very stupid. Avoid falling for sites offering you a fake id card template, unless you have the card printer, PVC cards along with the ink and holograms it will be a pointless exercise. Do not purchase from a website message board, these are always fake. A fake id card website claiming next day delivery is probably a scam site too, 5-10 working days seems to be the normal delivery period for the best trustworthy novelty id card websites.

You will be pleased to know there are a number of legit UK websites that are very reputable and have been trading from some years. Most of these UK websites will only accept cash or uncrossed postal orders, you may hear alarm bells when someone asks you to send cash but novelty id websites asking you to pay by debit/credit card or paypal are more likely to send you a bad quality fake id card or steal your credit card information. Avoid any websites asking you to pay by Western Union, these are definitely FAKE so avoid them like the plague.

Good fake id card websites will print on good quality PVC cards, a bit like a credit card, they will also use expensive holograms, the individual websites use different hologram designs. A good reliable novelty id website will email you back within 24 hours with a answer to your query.

The best advise when sending a novelty id card order is to send it recorded delivery, this way the company will have to sign for the item and you will be able to track it. Do not send coins, make sure your cash is wrapped well in paper, use sticky tape in the corners of the money to prevent it sliding around and becoming visible through the envelope. Use a good quality envelope that is stuck down well, try to avoid using sticky tape as this gives the impression the item is valuable. Follow these guidelines and you should receive a good quality novelty id card.