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WE NOW ACCEPT BITCOINS ASWELL AS THE USUAL CASH. BITCOIN orders are despatched within 24 hours!

Now stocking BRAND NEW UV (ultra violet) LIGHT SENSITIVE cards. Here at MyfakeID we like to keep up with all of the latest technologies. We are now producing our fantastic fake ID cards with UV light sensitive patterns. The front and back of your card will have an individual security design that can only be viewed with a UV light. Our new ID cards will still have the same brilliant quality using the best HD card printer available. The micro text will still be perfectly clear and crisp and our cards will still come with the brilliant hologram. Everything else about your card will have the same great quality as before. This amazing new security features will provide you with the best fake ID card on the market today.

Our designs are printed at a very high resolution meaning all the images, logos and signature look sharp resulting in a realistic looking fake Identity.

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  • You can email us any questions at support@myfakeid.biz
  • The best HIGH DEFINITION printer available used to print your card.
  • Now supplying UV (ultra violet) cards.
  • Top quality HOLOGRAM overlays.
  • Pay online using BITCOINS and recieve your card in 5 days!!!
  • Upload your photo to save CASH on printed photos.
  • We have an option for you to change your photo to BLACK & WHITE.
  • DEALS available if ordering multiple cards.

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We use the latest printing technology to produce the best possible novelty id cards available on the internet. Many other novelty id sites use less advanced printing technology which produces poorer quality cards. Our card printers cost many thousands of pounds, hence the finish product is one of the best available online.

You should only purchase our novelty id cards for fun as they are only for novelty use. We reserve the right to cancel any orders where we suspect the products could be used for illegal purposes.

* Fake ID is a generic term and has no implicit meaning. All cards sold by myfakeid are novelty cards. No ID cards sold by myfakeid are Identity Cards. This applies to all usage of the terms "fake ID", "fake IDs", "novelty ID cards", etc.

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We offer free delivery to United Kingdom, France, Germany, Spain, Ireland, Austria, Italy, Poland, Norway, Sweden, Denmark, Belguim and the rest of the world.