Superbad American Fake ID cards purchased from China

Superbad American Fake ID cards purchased from China

For those of you have been lucky enough to watch the American film “Superbad” you will remember the geeky character that had the very funny unconvincing fake ID card with the name “McLovin” as the name on the card. According to an article in the US Washington Post young under 21´s in America are purchasing very real looking fake ID cards from China, these cards are mainly fake driving licenses.

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The chief executive of a company called Intellicheck who supply the ID detection equipment to US law enforcement, federal agencies and businesses has said that he has come across a large number of these fake ID cards recently and they are being produced very rapidly from the same source in China.

Young Americans are referring to the FakeID supplier as “the Chinese guy” is making a lot of money providing mail order fake ID cards with all of the latest holograms and barcodes making them look identical to the real thing. The barcode technology in these fake ID cards has been linked to a company in Nanjing called PARTiTek, they deny any involvement with the fake ID cards. Young Americans love the fact they can order these fake ID cards easily online and have them delivered to college concealed in a pair of shoes.

The Chinese company sells its fake driving licenses for $300 for 1 card, $400 for 2 cards and if you order 20 cards or more you can get them for just $75 each. One customer who had managed to get 19 friends together and get the cards for $75 thought “the Chinese guy” had ripped him off after receiving a pair of cheap shoes through the post. It wasn´t until they pulled the sole of one of the shoes to find all 20 perfectly made and very realistic fake driving licenses concealed.

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These Fake ID cards purchased off “the Chinese guy” are causing a lot of problems in America especially with underage drinking, a young American died after his motorbike crashed; he had used a South Carolina fake driving license to purchase alcohol. There are also issues with boarder security after 9/11, the hijackers of the planes had used fake ID cards from an unknown source.

Due to the large popularity of very good fake ID cards in the US there has been an increase of card scanners being purchased, you will notice the police, airports, security and even nightclub owners will be using them. The scanner will instantly determine whether your card is real or fake.